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"Through hands-on science, problem solving, and creative design, we will enable the next generation of creative thinkers."   

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Kiddo Science Programme

"I hear I Forget, I see I Remember, I do I Understand"
-  Confucius

Our Course

Introducing Science  
5 - 7 years old

We train young scientists to realize the existence of science by presenting experiments and theories in a fun and interactive way.

Developing their motor skills, such as coordination, precision, technique and more to improve their attention to detail.
Nurturing their interest from a young age and thus cultivating inquistiveness and open-mindedness.

Discovery Science
7 - 10 years old

Honing their ability to think scientifically when exploring new knowledge and experiments.
Increasing their confidence through exposure to the critical aspects of science, such as chemical reactions and laboratory precautions.
Introducing key scientific terminology and concept in three languages: English, BM, and Mandarin.

Experimental Science
10 - 12 years old

This level we train our young scientists to realize the existence of science, understand and comprehend its application in daily situations.
Providing them the proper training in laboratory equipment, apparatus and technique to improve their experimental skills.
Giving them hands-on opportunities to 'create' the science they have learned.
Preparing them to familiarize with secondary school syallabus, thus giving them a strong foundation before facing major exams.

Our features

DIY Experiments

Holistic Learning

Science Lab

Science is not science when it does not involve Hands-On. Our extensive ​
“Scientist Programme” will effectively help kids to not only learn science but also feel it.

We do not just teach facts from the book. We make things interesting with lab books, fun facts, life applications, and assessments.
Our comprehensive and well-equipped laboratories will allow kids to explore science using the best equipment and apparatus possible.

Bring Science Home

Developmental Stages

Our lessons do not just stop at our centre. Let your child continue exploring with our experimental products at home too!
Introducing Science
Discovery Science
Experimental Science

Thematic Lessons

Our monthly lessons cover a wide range of scientific subjects, including;
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