Kiddo Science Programme

Science Learning Programme specially developed for children aged from 5-12 years old. In Kiddo Science, we are providing the most engaging science class that also develops your children in different life aspects to achieve holistic growth as a future innovator or leader.

Kiddo Science Programme Level

Introducing Science Level (5-7 years old)

Discovery Science Level (7-10 years old)

Experimental Science Level (10-12 years old)

How To Learn ?

Physical Class

Various locations available across East and West Malaysia

Online Class

Enjoy the flexibility to learn from home

How We Deliver ?

Hands-On Experiments

By incorporating hands-on experiments, our students will not just learn about science, but to truly experience it firsthand!

Why Hands-on is important?

Holistic Learning

Our lessons are meticulously planned with our 5E pedagogy; We make things interesting with lab/ info sheets, fun facts , life applications quizzes.






Lab Report and HOTS Question Practice

Student are given a lab report practice after experiment, to revise and conclude the essential knowledge.

High Order Thinking Skill (HOTS) Question will be included in DS and ES Level Labsheet, to better prepare children for future science learning need.

Monthly Assessment

Monthly assessment to quantify students’ progress in a scientific way, parents will be receiving a student progress report (SPR) every 6 months to keep track on how your children is performing!

Explore Our Monthly Learning Theme

Up to 288 Different Experiments Without Repetition!