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"Through hands-on science, problem solving, and creative design, we will enable the next generation of creative thinkers."   

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Kiddo Art Programme

"True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist"
- Albert Einstein

For Kids 4 to 9 years old 

In Kiddo Art Program, we are not only conducting the drawing class, as well as the clay art and handicraft. Kids are able to explore their capabilitis by honing their imagination and creativity while they are painting, sketching, coloring and more.



Art Work

Art Work Lessons equipping your kids with art fundamentals (drawing, coloring, and more). The lessons will give them a platform to express the little Michelangelo inside.


Handicraft is about the diverse range of creation that the kids can bring their masterpiece home. By doing handicraft, it allows your kids to improve their motor skills, as these activities require precision and attention to detail.

Clay Art

A wide variety of clay art objects for your kids to personalize. The lesson allowing them to unleash their creative expression. It also improves their painting techniques, application of colors and hand-eye coordination.