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"Through hands-on science, problem solving, and creative design, we will enable the next generation of creative thinkers."   

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There is no reason to let your child stay at home during School Holidays! Our scientists will ensure your children get ahead in science during holidays with our action-packed programmes of Hands-On Activities. Every day is filled with science experiments to make & take back home.
Children will get the opportunity exploring a spectacular array of Scientific Themes and TopicsScience Camps are open to children aged 5-12 years old.
Each holiday period we offer a dynamic programme of Art and Craft Workshops to inpire kids from 4-12 years old. All our workshops are facilitated by confident and talented teachers who are dedicated to ensuring your child has an Enjoyable and Satisfied creative experience.
Each holiday we offer new an Original Ideas and every junior artist takes home 
a stylish creation to be proud of!

School Holiday Camp

"Children see magic because they look for it"
-  Christopher Moore