Our Programmes:
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Kiddo Science
Science Day Adventure
Kiddo Science is all about making science learning fun and intriguing with hands-on experiments.
Adventure Day is to establish a lifelong love of learning in children and provide them with the tools they need to reach their full potential. 
Kiddo Art
Holiday Science Camp
Arts and crafts are good for kids. It can affects their perspective in life, and influences their lifestyle in subtle ways.
We offer school holiday camp to inpire kids from 4-10 years old. Our scientists will ensure your kids will not feel bored in our camp! 
Kiddo International Science Programme
Holiday Art Camp
It is our pleasure and duty to help you with your enquiries. Feel free to contact us at anytime.
K.I.S.P is a programme that supporting International Science Syllabus thru innovative E-learning approach. 
About Us
Kiddo’s Science World Sdn Bhd
is founded in 2005, it is a privately-owned, self-funded education development house located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Kiddo’s Science World has grown tremendously over the last 10 years, both in its customer base as well as in its knowledge and skills on current trends and emerging technologies.
This science learning centre is the first of its kind in Malaysia, and attracted a lot of interest from educated parents and their kids. Parents believe our concept of learning science through hands-on and allow their kids to be tested. Science Learning has become an important part of education and the skill the students acquired have help them tremendously in their academic achievements.
To instill confidence in young students to acquire the learning skills in the field of science and to become independent learners.
To enchance the teaching of science from preshool level to secondary level. With this in mind, we will support teachers and instructors with hands-on materials to stimulate the learning process.
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