Kiddo Science Centre is all about making science learning fun and intriguing. Hand-in-hand with our passionate teachers, we inspire learning through a holistic approach to enhance effectiveness of education. Our continuous research provides the most conducive environment to make science learning fun!

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Children are born curious. They want to know all about their environment with the aid of their senses-look, touch, smell, hear and taste. Their playtime and everyday activities alone translate to an exposure to the processes of science literacy .

The right involvement coupled with appropriate guidance allow children to explore and enquire the abundance of knowledge in the natural surrounding.

With Kiddo Science, it is possible to turn the environment we're living in as the children's best playground and learning ground.

We understand that involvement in science allows children to practice and develop their intelligences-curiosity, persistence, imagination, communication, thinking in and out of the box, as well as skills in manipulating and understanding life and the world around us.
"Through hands-on science, problem solving, and creative design, we will enable the next generation of creative thinkers."   
We believe in the following core values:

§  A child's capacity to learn is unlimited.

§  Kids are curious.  It is our responsibility to engage and help their discovery.

§  We learn by experience, not just explanation.

§  Science should be fun, not boring.

§  Exploring the question is more important than the answer.

§  Hands-on science opens doors to creativity and curiosity.

§  Kiddo Science will change kids perspectives......forever.
Our entire staff at KIDDO SCIENCE are dedicated to inspiring a love of learning and exploration.
Having an opportunity to engage a child is a gift, and we appreciate each and every interaction.  

Inspire a child today, build a future tomorrow!
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